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Discover the HiveIQ Beehive Base - a high-quality, innovative foundation designed to support and protect your hive, while enhancing its overall performance. Crafted from high-density EPS, our beehive base offers exceptional strength and reduced weight, ensuring a stable and secure home for your bees. Its shock-absorbing properties also make hive transport a breeze, safeguarding your bees during any relocation.

The HiveIQ Beehive Base is compatible with a range of HiveIQ innovations, such as the pollen collector, mouse guard, and more, providing a customizable and versatile solution for your beekeeping needs.

Included with the Hive Base:

  • 1 x HiveIQ Polystyrene Base
  • 1 x Ventilated Hive Floor for optimal ventilation, hygiene, and pest protection
  • 1 x Three-Stage Hive Entrance for adjustable access depending on colony strength and conditions
  • 2 x Hive Entrance Locks for securing the entrance in open or closed positions
  • 1 x Blanking Plate (Pollen Collector assembly sold separately)
  • 2 x NFC Tags for seamless hive management with the HiveIQ Hive Diary App
  • 2 x Varroa Tracks (Varroa board not included)
  • All required screws for assembly

Dimensions: 41cm W x 59cm L x 9cm H

Beehive Base - 9 Frame

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