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About Dindi Bee Supplies

How We Got Here

Did you know that Dindi Bee Supplies is one of Victoria’s only main street beekeeping supply stores? We opened in the Grant Street shopping strip in Alexandra in June 2020, and in December 2022 we moved into a bigger and more central shop in the main street of Yea!

We love surprising people with our products, displays, and bee information. We offer friendly service and advice, as well as everything a beekeeper might need – beehives, protective gear, tools, accessories and more.

Dindi Bee Supplies was born in the middle of a pandemic, from a passion for bees and a desire to bring a much-needed service to our area. As beekeepers ourselves we were constantly frustrated by the travel needed to purchase supplies, and we felt the lack of networking opportunities with other beekeepers.

Not only do we pride ourselves on offering Australian Made and local products wherever possible, we have bee-come a hub for bee enthusiasts in the area, have been instrumental in the creation of a local bee group, and we are always happy to help new beekeepers (new-bees) and those who are yet to start (wanna-bees) with resources and advice.

Drop in and say hello when you are in town!

Call: 0409 908 857

Privacy at Dindi Bee Supplies

Trust Us with Your Information

Your privacy is important to us and we treat all of your personal information with utmost care, and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

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